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Carbon Fiber Shift Lever
Carbon Fiber Shift Lever

Available options

  • Lever without electronics
    Option available as a basic sequential lever for universal application
  • Lever with tensometer
    0-5V output
    Electronic tensometer provided with analogue output voltage signal for compatibility with aftermarket ECUs with engine cut capabilities
  • Lever with tensometer and SHIFTBOX
    Electronic tensometer provided as well as SHIFTBOX for engine cut on engines without aftermarket ECU. Complete wiring loom included.
  • Tensometer also sold seperately
    Universal application with transverse or transaxle gearboxes

Information / Benefits

  • The Carbon Fiber Lever package is the latest in technology from KAPS Transmissions to deliver precise and quick shifts. It can either be used with the KAPS Transmissions Subaru Sequential Gearbox, or universally with other gearboxes.
  • Design
    The Shifting Lever is made from a combination of Carbon Fiber and aluminium to maintain the lowest weight possible without compromising on strength or quality. The aluminium neutral/reverse lockout lever is quick in action and keeps for a sleek design
  • Functionality
    The Shifting Lever is designed to compensate for the varying shifting styles. Whether you prefer to grab the lever or place your hand on the top to shift gears, it suits to all. It is positioned close to the steering wheel to minimise hand movements.


Carbon LeverCarbon LeverCarbon Lever

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