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Hydraulic Clutch and Pressure Unit
Hydraulic Clutch and Pressure Unit


  • Pressure Unit
  • Clutch Unit
  • EPS Computer
  • EPS Clutch Software
  • Full Electric Wiring

Information / Benefits

  • The Hydraulic Clutch and Pressure Unit takes the vehicle to a higher level of performance under extreme conditions and adds another dimension to racing.
  • The unit hydraulically engages the clutch on every gear change for a user set number of milliseconds, eliminating the use of the driver’s left foot on the clutch pedal.
  • When racing under conditions where the race track causes tyre slippage eg, heavy rain, gravel, snow or ice, the Hydraulic Clutch and Pressure unit is a must.
  • Limitations of dogboxes are that gears can only be changed under tyre slippage if the clutch is used. Our system bypasses the need to engage the clutch with your foot at critical points in the race (eg mid corner) and avoid misshifting costing you time.
  • The other major advantage is the gearbox can be downshifted without the need to engage the brake. This adds the extra dimension to the driving style of the racer by aiding corner entry / exit speeds and overtaking if competing on a circuit.
  • Addtionally, the Clutch and Pressure unit reduces the wear on the dog rings inside the gearbox.

Other products

Hydraulic set

  • Go for the ultimate in transmision performance! All 3 upgades can be purchased in a packaged set: Hydraulic Clutch Unit, Hydraulic Shifting Unit and Carbon Fiber Shift Lever w/ engine cut, wiring and computer with discounts available


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