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Hydraulic Shifting Unit
Hydraulic Shifting Unit


  • Hydraulic Shifting Unit
  • EPS Computer
  • EPS Shifting Software
  • Full Electric Wiring
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Optional

    Shifting Piston

Information / Benefits

  • Developed from the most advanced components and first class engineering, the Hydraulic Shifting Unit combined with the KAPS Transmissions Full Sequential 6 Speed Transmission can create clutchless shifts close to Formula 1 speeds!  Alternatively, it can be used universally with any sequential gearbox.
  • By installing the Hydraulic Shifting Unit, it allows for the adaptation of paddle/button/ring shifting to the sequential gearbox. The unit uses the same solenoids that can be found on F1 vehicles with the quickest operating times of 28 milliseconds.
  • The KAPS Transmissions Sequential Gearbox already contains an internal shifting piston, and an hydraulic pump is included in this kit which is installed on purchase inside the transmission casing. For universal applications, a shifting piston can be supplied.
  • The flick of the paddle either up or down send the electronic message to the KAPS Transmissions EPS computer to control the various valves on the system to engage the next gear.
  • The KAPS Transmisions Hydraulic Shifting Unit is the true and professional upgrade for paddle shifting. Compressed air systems cannot meet the precision needed for shifting and are heavy and bulky in comparison to our kit.
  • Want to know more? Contact us today.

Other products

Hydraulic set

  • Go for the ultimate in transmision performance! All 3 upgades can be purchased in a packaged set: Hydraulic Clutch Unit, Hydraulic Shifting Unit and Carbon Fiber Shift Lever w/ engine cut, wiring and computer with discounts available


Hydraulic Shifting UnitHydraulic Shifting UnitHydraulic Shifting Unit

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