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 Subaru Prototype

STI bg media’s  Subaru Prototype - Proto#1 set a new era in FIA group E cars


Unbelievable success of`s  #Proto1  project in Bulgaria presented at official press conference its new project - #Proto1, based on semi-tubular Subaru Impreza GC8 chassis. Bulgarian motorsport federation (BFAS) decided to allow Group E cars in Bulgarian Rally Championship and this was successful decision – spectators and media are longing for more powerful and attractive rally cars.’s #Proto1 was immediate success and the project got extensive media coverage in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe even before the first start of the new car.

 “It took us more than 3 years to build that car to all latest specifications of WRC and WRX cars. This is a interesting way of developing rally cars, not only in Bulgaria, said Kalin Benchev, president, #Proto1 project leader and driver of the car, at the media launch of project.

“Now we have a really innovative and technologically developed car . We use some systems from the first generation WRC cars from the end of the 90s plus the latest technologies used in nowadays WRC cars .

“We are really proud with that car and I want to say big thank you on all the companies that help us and participate in that project . After we finish all the tests for this season we will show the new tubular chassis based on Subaru Impreza N14 WRC with all the parts and technologies  that we have been tested through the years .

“In the middle of 2017, I hope that we will have the end price of the car with different options for rally cross, rally or circuit races.“

Through 2017 #Proto1 has covered thousands of test kilometers in Bulgaria and Romania – simulation of rallies and circuit raced, driven on actual rally stages and racetracks.


Here’s some specs of #Proto1 car :

2.62 Storke Subaru Engine

717 hp and 860Nm 

Customized turbocharger

DBW Throttle

Fully sequential paddle shift gearbox with wireless connection

Pedal box

Fresh Air ALS

Boost pack

Race fuel tank

Fully  4 way Independent  Coilover shocks  with 350mm real suspension travel


360mm Front brakes

336mm Rear brakes

Quick disconnect on fuel, oil and brake lines all over

Fully wireless steering wheel with controls

Central control box

Fully IGBT and Mosfet electrical components

Fully programmable race dash

Readjusted driver position with 25cm more than standard GC8

Fully customized roll cage with steering column

Electrical steering

2 Active differentials plans to exhibit the car in 2017 with our partners at biggest European motorsport exhibitions:

PMW in Cologne 2017 and Autosport International in Birmingham 2018 .

Until these very important for us premieres, all of the companies that want to be part of our project or need more info about #Proto1 are welcome to contact us anytime. press press photos photos
Kalin Benchev
Kalin Benchev

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