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Mitsubishi Full Sequential Gearbox EVO X
Mitsubishi Full Sequential Gearbox EVO X


  • Complete Sequential Mechanism with Dog engagement
  • Main rear casing
  • Final Drive
  • Input and Output Shafts
  • Gears 1st-6th
  • Shifting Forks
  • Shifting Rods
  • Complete Bearing and Needle Bearing set
  • Internal Oil Pump with Inlet/Outlet
  • Hydraulic Inlet/Outlet
  • Gear Position Indicator Sensor
  • Holder for silenblock
  • Internal Shifting Piston optional

Gear Ratios Available

Mitsubishi Full Sequential Gearbox EVO X - Graph

KAPS Benefits

The Mitsubishi Full Sequential Gearbox is the fastest shift on the market today. It is designed with 6 gears for increased accelleration performance!!

Rated to 800NM torque!

The Mitsubishi Full Sequential Gearbox for Evo X incorporates the KAPS Transmissions patented dogring technology for short, smooth and quick gear changes. Flatshifting of gears in as little as 40 milliseconds.

The gearbox is supplied with an internal oil pump to maintain low transmission oil temperatures. The inlet and outlets allowing for universal compatibility with oil coolers.

The Full Sequential Gearbox also has been future proofed for hydraulic paddle shifting.

  • Weight: 54.7kgs
  • Max torque: 800NM
  • Gear shift layout: R-N-1-2-3-4-5-6-R-N-1-2...
  • Custom ratios are available


Mitsubishi Full Sequential Gearbox EVO X

Shift ahead of the pack. shift fast


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