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Evo X dogkit has arrived! - Extended Video

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The KAPS Transmissions dogkit for the Mitsubishi Evoultion X has now arrived!

Since day one of development, KAPS Transmissions set out to produce a kit that leads the market in every aspect – strength, technology, functionality and reliability. The result........... the best shifting transmission on the market for the Evo X, that raises the technology bar and cements KAPS Transmissions as the world leader for racing dogkits in the Mitsubishi Evolution range.

The Evo X kit contains a revolutionary combined shifting and blockation component (See photo below). You will not find this design in any other gearbox. This particular component, along with the complete set of shifting rods and forks, plus KAPS Transmissions patented dog ring and hub technology allows for a shorter, quicker and smoother shift that cannot be matched by the competition.

Evo X selector forks and shifting components
Evo X selector forks and shifting components
Evo X shifting and blockation
Evo X shifting and blockation
Evo X shifting components
Evo X shifting components

The engineering design and production quality is top throughout- from the final drive, down to the smallest parts, no compromise was taken. The kit contains over 50 major parts, all necessary to produce the best kit!!

The Evo X dogkit includes:

  • Input Shaft
  • Output Shaft
  • 1st-5th Gears with Dogrings
  • Final Drive
  • Complete Reverse Gear Set
  • Selector Rods and Forks
  • Complete Shifting and Blockation components
  • Full Bearings and Needle Bearings Set

Contact us today about the Evo X kit and experience for yourself why professional race teams worldwide consider KAPS Transmissions is the premier racing gearbox manufacturer for Mitsubishi.


See our extended Evo X video with special thanks to P. Simek and P. Vraj.


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