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KT recommends Millers Oils after testing

Joint Press Release: KAPS Transmissions / Millers Oils

Czech Republic 17 February 2010

KAPS Transmissions‘ dogkits are at the top of the rally market and demand a top performing oil that can match the gearbox performance. Millers Oils‘ new range of oils containing Nano Technology additives which significantly reduce internal friction and power losses, whilst providing additional shock protection to dog rings and gears, was considered as the preferred choice with testing to begin. Over 2009, KAPS Transmissions and Millers Oils had begun testing of its Millers premier oil CRX LS 75w140 NT in KAPS Transmissions dogkit applications. Over this time, testing was conducted in both Mitsubishi and Subaru gearboxes, on and off the track.

Samples of oil were taken for analysis after 300kms of SS racing (recommended period for KAPS Transmissions dogkits is 250kms SS racing), with results now coming to hand. Not only was the condition of the oil important, the wear and tear on the complete gearbox was taken into consideration, along with driver feedback.

In the KAPS Transmissions workshop, gearboxes were stripped, all parts reviewed with Millers Oils CRX LS 75w140 NT needing to pass the KAPS Transmissions strict quality control checks. There were no visible signs of oil overheating or breakdown. Additionally, parts were found to be in great condition and appeared to be well lubricated for the duration of the test period.

From the Millers Oils testing lab, viscosity, density and chemical composition were conducted on the oil. The analysis shows that the oil remains virtually unchanged from new. (See the results below) This is even considering the oil was used for 20% longer than the 250km recommended timeframe.

The test phase has now completed.

KAPS Transmissions now recommends Millers Oils CRX LS 75w140 NT in all of its dogbox applications.

About KAPS Transmissions:

KAPS TRANSMISSIONS specialises in the production of dog-box kits primarily for rally car manufacturers Subaru and Mistubishi. Based in the Moravian region of the Czech Repubic, KAPS TRANSMISSIONS has been in business for almost 20 years and now sells to 34 countries worldwide over 6 continents. The engineering of specialist products from KAPS TRANSMISSIONS are redefining the standards set for the transmission industry.

About Millers Oils:

Based in Brighouse in the north of England, Millers Oils Ltd. is an independently-owned family business which has been developing and supplying advanced engine oils, transmission oils and fuel additives for a wide spectrum of automotive, commercial vehicle and industrial applications since 1887. Millers Oils Motorsport range has earned its place on the grid through the quality of its products and technical support. Engine builders, engineers and drivers competing at all levels of motorsport demand lubricants and fuel treatments that will perform under the most extreme conditions. Millers Oils is continually working with them, developing technically advanced products to boost performance, provide maximum protection and prolong component life.



Unit: Mitsubishi EVO IX Distance: 300 Kilometers racing [760 total Kilometers]

Oil: Millers Oils Motorsport CRX LS 75w140 NT (used)



Viscosity at 100 degrees C = 24.4 cSt    24.0 cSt

Density = 0.8680                                  0.874

These results are virtually unchanged from new. The oil as examined in our opinion remains almost identical to the original, as you can see from the IR Black New Product, Red customer sample. There are no significant changes whatsoever. The oil remains in good serviceable condition. Wear Metal Analysis reveals all levels to be satisfactory.

Mike Fenton Technical Services Manager



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